About Us

Borne of a rich legacy and from the necessity to provide technological platforms for legal research and access to legal materials, EBC Technologies is the software development division of EBC Publishing Pvt. Ltd. EBC Publishing Pvt. is in turn a group company of the EBC Group. The EBC group has been known for 75 years for creating authentic and reliable legal information: Legal Commentaries, Statutory Law and Law Reports. Supreme Court Cases (SCC) a law report published by Eastern Book Company is the most cited law report by the Supreme Court of India. All this legal expertise and experience has gone into curating the content which is available on SCC Online® a CD-Rom and Web based research software created by the EBC Tech team. Change in the way people access legal information has been no road block for the team and we have constantly kept innovating to support the content team with cutting-edge technological tools so that our customers have the "Surest" experience in accessing legal materials.